Fall 2019 Trends

It’s time again for us to share some of our favorite trends for the season. There are a couple of trends that definitley feel fresh and new, while others are just extensions of looks that designers have been showing in recent seasons. Either way, you know what we say, just because it’s in style doesn’t mean you have to embrace the look. Stay true to your style! Links to the items are through the captions below the images.

Animal Print

We've written about this one numerous times and this seaon it seems to be bigger than ever. Our fear is that we may tire of it because it’s out there so much. However, as you know, many animal prints are basically a neutral that and add pop to an otherwise simple outfit. So, our advice is to not go overboard or too deep in the look. But, if you make the right purchases, you’ll have your pieces for years. Case in point, the leopard print flats Erin bought over 15 years ago as a splurge that she’s still wearing today.


Ankle boots and booties have been around for awhile. This season we’re still seeing these styles, but we are also seeing mid calf boots. What we like about this look, is that they are easy to wear with a dress, skirt, jeans and even a pant. They have a softer look than a knee high or over the knee boot and are definitley more versatile than those styles too. This is a great place to introduce a snake skin or animal print, but if that’s too bold, a neutral color in a suede is a fun option too. If you’re not sure about the mid calf length, stick with the ankle boot, but definitley do it in a fun pattern.



It seems like the color brown disppeared for a long time and was rarely seen. If it was, it did not look very stylish. Brown is definitely back! We’re seeing a lot of brown monochromatic looks with different hues of brown and various textures. This color will probably take awhile for people to really get into, but we see it staying around for awhile.

Wider Leg Jeans

This look has been creeping in the last couple of seasons, but this fall the trend is very evident. There are lots of styles- everything from straight to a wide flare. We think one pair of jeans that has a wider leg than most of your other jeans is a great purchase for the fall. A straight style is the easiset to pull off because you can still wear flats, tennis shoes, boots or heels with it. If you go with a true flare, you are usually committing to wearing a heel with it. Depending on the person, this may or may not be practical.


It sounds funny to say something as simple as pants, but how may of us have purged so many of those “dress pants” we used to wear? For a long time, there really were not many pant options unless you wanted to look like you were in a corporate setting. Finally, there are good pant options out there that look poliished, but don’t have to read so professional.


We love any type of top with collar detail. Turtlenecks are a hot item this season. We’re loving styles that have a little puff or gathered detail on the shoulders. If you don’t love a turtlenck, or feel too claustrophobic in one, there are plenty of tops out there with mockneck or cowl details that may seem a little easier to wear.

Princess sleeves

Sleeve detail has been a big thing with designers for awhile. Each season there is a new little twist on it. This season, it’s the puff sleeve. You’ll see this on everything from a simple tee to a floral printed blouse. We think a tee or sweatshirt is an easy and inexpensive way to try this out.

Let us know what’s on your shopping list for fall! We’d love to help you find some fun pieces!

High-Low Fashion

Today we’re talking about one of the best things you can do to have a great wardrobe.  Sure, if we all had unlimited funds and could buy all the clothes we ever wanted, it would be easy for us to have amazing closets. But that’s not realistic for most of us and truthfully it isn’t that fun either.  We think the best wardrobes are built over time.  We are also practical and want to be thoughtful in our purchases while still having fun. 

So, what do we think is one of the secrets to having a great closet?  We call it the High/Low Effect.  What do we mean by this?  We are referring to having the right balance of more expensive staple pieces and less expensive trendier pieces.  We aren’t going to address what amount you should be spending on individual pieces because that will be different depending on your budget.  For some women $250 - $500 would be a great amount to spend on a staple item, but for others maybe $75 is the right amount or even $50.  Whatever your budget, when you are investing in a staple piece try to spend money, so you can get the best quality for your money.

We have always talked about what we believe to be essential pieces that every woman should have in her closet.  This post and this post talk even more in depth about these items. We’ve also included a link for our Essentials Shoes Post and Essential Necklaces. These pieces are a great starting point to determining what your “High” pieces might be.  You need to think about your lifestyle and what pieces you will wear for multiple seasons.   Your high pieces are the ones that are the foundation of your wardrobe and provide the perfect backdrop for your “Low” pieces.  If you’re a stay at home mom, maybe that means two of your pieces are great jeans and a pair of black pants that can work for day and evening.  If you work outside the home that might mean, two of your pieces are a great skirt and blouse that has some fabulous design detail on it (ruffle, great French cuffs).

Let’s look at a couple of examples with staple pieces so you can see that it pays to invest and how once you have done that it makes it easier to add in the less expensive pieces. You have a great pair of jeans that you have had for nearly two years.  You buy a new stylish top that you think might last you for one season.  You pair your new top with your jeans and a great jacket that you’ve had for three years.  So, now you’ve pulled a new outfit together with staple pieces and it’s still updated because you have your new fun top in the mix.  And if you want to dress the outfit up, you can always pair the top back with your staple black pants.

Here’s another example.  You buy a new pair of pants that are printed and seem a bit more memorable because of the print on them.  You didn’t invest a lot in them because you’re pretty sure you won’t want to wear them after this year.   If you have the right staples in your closet, you know that you can wear your go to blouse with them or for a more casual look your nicer t-shirt, with a sweater layered over if necessary.

As much as it pains us to spend money on key pieces, if you do it, you will be amazed at how much more mileage you can get out of your wardrobe.  You will have more possibilities with fewer pieces.  In the same way, if you have these “high” pieces, it makes it so much easier to work your less expensive “low” pieces into your wardrobe.  Too often, we buy the trendier, less expensive pieces, but we don’t have the right basics to go back with them. Then we are frustrated with our purchase and add other “low” pieces, but we never really seem to achieve that cohesive wardrobe. It takes some time to build your wardrobe, but once you do, you will be set for most any occasion!

Some of Our Favorite Spring Trends

The weather has turned colder this week, which makes us even more anxious for spring. Here’s some of our favorite trends this spring. Links to each item are in the captions.

Tie Dye- Numerous designers showed it for spring. All of these happen to be blue, but there are other colors out there!

Animal prints are still going strong. Snake print is a newer interpretation of this trend. Some designers even incorporated animal prints in pastel colors for spring.

Here’s leopard print with a hint of pink. A softer look that’s nice for spring.

Bright colors- always fun, especially in spring + summer.

Floral dresses are also a big trend. Some of you might still be getting used to them because they do have that prairie girl vibe.

Hair clips are an easy way to add a new look to your style. You can find them at many price points. Like these from Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.

Tell us what’s on your shopping list this spring!

Gift Ideas!

‘Tis the season for shopping for lots of gifts! We have compiled a list of some of our favorite gift ideas. All of these gifts are full of style + reasonably priced + you don’t have to worry about sizing (except for one item) !

First, up some Noonday pieces. We love the mission behind this company. Your purchases help to support local artisans in developing countries. Each piece comes with a story of where it was made.

Love this necklace extender! The sparkle on it is great and makes it special enough for evening, but it can be worn for daytime too. If you know your recipient has a good collection of necklaces, this would be a fun gift. If they don’t, throw in this great Bethe Rope necklace. You can wear it alone or with the extender. This is one of our go to necklaces! It’s so versatile. You can wear it long or short and layer it with so many other types of necklaces. Below is a picture of the extender with the Bethe necklace (left)

This tray is fun and can be used as a coaster, catch all tray and can fit with any decor. So, it’s a great gift to give if you aren’t sure of style preference.

Mark and Graham is always a great place to check for gifts. We love that the gift comes wrapped and ready to give. Here are a couple of our favorites right now.

A clear crossbody bag is something everyone should have because chances are you'll go somewhere and need to have one. This one is nice because you can add a monogram and the size is just right.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 9.41.01 PM.png

This commute clutch is perfect because it has room for a laptop, phone, cords and other daily essentials. It can go inside a carry-on and protect your laptop, while keeping everything organized. It can even serve as an evening clutch in a pinch. We love this red, but it comes in other colors too.

Here are a couple of great pieces from Anna B designs. Anna lives in Atlanta and is a very talented jewelry designer! This necklace is stunning with the mother of pearl detail in the center. The neutral color of the beads is perfect accent to many outfits!

These earrings are colorful and would be a perfect way to add interest to a simple outfit and you can't beat the price!

This lizard cuff bracelet is the perfect gift for someone who has everything! It comes in lots of color choices and is classic with a twist of style.

This mink wrapped hair band is a step up from your regular hair scrunchie! Great stocking stuffer too!

Naadam is a company that ethically sources their cashmere and they have a $75 cashmere sweater! There are many color choices in the v neck. It also comes in a crew neck style. Naadam opened a store in NYC in the fall. Their sweaters have been in high demand, which is no surprise due to the friendly price and fair trade product.

We love this garment bag that converts to a weekend duffle bag is brilliant! And what’s even better is that the price is amazing!

These towels for removing make-up could not be any cuter! But, they are also so practical. How often are you tossing a white wash rag because it looks dingy? Not anymore with these towels from Weezie!

These lucite and gold earrings from Dana LeBlanc Designs are such a fun earring and at $22 it’s a great gift to stock up on to have on hand. They come in various colors, but the white is our favorite! All Dana LeBlanc jewelry is handmade in Greensboro, NC and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Here’s another pair of earrings. Again $22!

Time to get shopping! Honestly, we know this is such a hectic time of year. Our hope is that you are able to spend special time with family and friends. Time spent is more important than any gift you can give! So remember that as you’re starting to stress over all of your holiday shopping!

A Few Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

You know we are the first ones to say, just because something is on sale, does NOT mean you need to buy it.  But, if you need something, why not get it on sale!? So, with a thoughtful eye, we have listed some of our favorite picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Cardholders can shop now. It opens to everyone else July 20th. There are many great deals and we certainly have not listed every find here (also, everyone is different with what they might need to add to their closet). But, this is a great start for thinking of key pieces you can add to your wardrobe. Links are through the text is this post, not through the images. 

This Stuart Weitzman boot is perfect! It can be worn with skirts, dresses and jeans. If you have not been sure about adopting the over the knee boot trend, we think this one gives a similar feel, but without the full commitment. If you don't want to invest that much money, we think this is another good. 

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman

Aquatalia is a great brand and we suggest their waterproof boots to clients often. They have mastered a design that is waterproof but still looks like a regular shoe. They are not inexpensive, so the sale is a great time to snag a pair. We promise you will definitely get your cost per wear! This is one of our favorites and it is on sale, but there are numerous other options from which to choose. If you can't justify the price, this is another great waterproof option.



You probably have noticed all of the white boots and shoes popping up. Isn't it funny to see how style constantly evolves? Several years ago we wouldn't have seen anyone sporting a white boot. We think one of the easiest ways to embrace this style is with a white shoe. It's much easier to pair with many outfits and yes we'll be wearing it after Labor day. Here are two of our favorites, one by Halogen the other by Vince



Ok, time for something other than shoes, although we could keep going on shoes forever. Jeans are a great item to stock up on because the prices can't be beat. Here are two options we like, but there are MANY more great jean styles included in the sale. Love the color of this wash and that it's a straight fit instead of skinny. 



And this is such a good, basic dark wash .  Everyone should have a jean in a wash like this. 



Here's a jacket by Sam Edelman that will keep you warm, but still looking stylish. The pop of color combined with the faux sherling makes this a great purchase. 

Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman

Since we're on a roll with yellow coats, here's another one. It comes in other colors, if yellow isn't your thing. 

J Crew 

J Crew 

Great top that can be dressed up as needed and even worn under a jacket for a more professional look. 



One last top that's a great basic. 

J Crew 

J Crew 


There are many more great items in the sale. Think of basics such as bras, underwear, even work out clothes. Let us know what some of your favorite picks are! 

Dyllon's Beauty Product Picks

Makeup is complicated more than it probably should be. Just scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook explore page can lead you to see many incredibly talented makeup artists, and their use of lots of products, some of which you might not have known existed. As a makeup lover, I enjoy watching videos and tutorials, learning new techniques, and I always want to try new products. Because of this, I find many products that I love, and also a lot of products I could easily live without. In this post I will be sharing my absolute favorite makeup products and why they work so well. While all these products could be considered a little more expensive, I do believe all of them are worth every penny.  Makeup is a personal thing.  Products are not designed to work for everyone. It often takes trial and error to find what works for you. Nonetheless, these five makeup items are what I reach for most often, and I can’t wait to share why!

Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara

This mascara has a crescent-moon-shaped wand that naturally curls the flattest eyelashes. It not only curls, but also lengthens your lashes for a wide-eyed look. As if that wasn’t enough, when you flip the wand over so it is upside-down, just stroking it lightly through your lashes gives them immense volume. I love this mascara more than any other one I have tried. So much so that I even got my mom and grandma hooked on it too!

Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner 

This incredible eyeliner applies very easily and has the perfect tip for perfecting a cat-eye. And, this stuff really is waterproof and stays on all day! It has never flaked off and I have never noticed residue under my eyes. Your liner will literally stay perfect, even after swimming.  The craziest thing is that with the proper makeup remover or face wash, it comes off in an instant. No raccoon eyes today!


Urban Decay’s Original Naked Palette

This was my first eyeshadow palette and I have no regrets! This palette contains 12 pigmented shadows, all with different finishes. All of the shadows blend like a dream and always blend with whatever shadows I pair it with. The matte shades are perfect to put in your crease for a subtle transition shade, and the shimmery ones lay atop your lids all day. I also love this palette for it’s diversity. You can very easily make a cute shimmery look, jaw-dropping cut-crease, fierce smokey eye, or anything in between. 100% recommend!

Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Sun Dipped Glow Kit

Ahhh Highlighter. Whether you want a subtle glow on your cheekbones or extravagant shine, this highlighting palette is perfect. It has four gorgeous shades that work for all skin tones. Not only is this great for highlighting, but you can use this as eyeshadow. You can even use for a pop in your inner corner and it is absolutely stunning. Highlighting may be scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will notice how much it draws attention to the high-points of your face. 

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Foundation

I don’t use foundation very often, because I love to let my skin breathe. But, when I do, I will always use this. This foundation has the perfect matte finish that doesn’t crease!  I also feel it works for everyone, because if you don’t prefer a matte finish, you can easily use a radiant primer, or spice up the look with highlighter. One of my favorite things about this product is that it does not oxidize, so you don't have to worry about the foundation getting darker on your face. And it gets even better... It's long-lasting, blendable, has beautiful packaging, applies easily, and has 40 shades!

I loved being able to share all of my favorites with you! Makeup is awesome, and I love showcasing it’s art. Thanks for reading!


                                            -Dyllon Jelinek


Fun Pieces To Pack For Your Next Trip!

We can't wait for warm weather and at least we're starting to get a little glimpse of it.  Whether you're headed somewhere soon or dreaming about your next vacation, we've got a list of things you can pack.  

We are loving these Bogg Bags. You can wash them so it's easy to get the sand out or the juice and food that might have spilled in it. Lots of fun color choices. There's also an insulated cooler insert that can transform your bag into a cooler. Love the versatility of this!

Havaianas- we've always loved them and we really like this rose gold pair . What's great about these flip flops is they are cute, but durable and can easily be rinsed off. So many of the pretty flip flops out there don't hold up or after a few wears the foot imprint in them looks yucky. These are a great purchase for the money and they will last for years. Bonus, they come in so many colors. 

You've heard us say this before, but a cover-up is a necessity! You want to have something you love, to put over your bathing suit, especially if you don't plan on taking your cover-up off very often. We love dresses and rompers for this! If you're looking for a traditional cover-up, you will be looking for a long time. Shift your shopping to dresses, rompers or even a kaftan. You'll have many more options to chose from! We like this kaftan from Cooper and Ella.

Another kind of cover up we like is a sarong. When we are wearing a bathing suit, we always want to cover up our bum :). Love this scarf from Lem Lem and the mission behind the company. They have other fun prints/colors available too. 

A beach towel is another must have. Why not make sure it's bright and colorful? This one from Las Bayedes is a fun one to add to your collection. And just like the sarongs above, there are lots of fun colors and patterns to chose from. Easy to care for, which is what you want from a beach towel!

Speaking of washing things, no vacation planning is complete without some of The Laundress Delicate Wash. Pack it in your bag, so you can wash your bathing suit after several wears. This will keep your bathing suits and any of your other special clothes looking and smelling great. 

Here's a fun shoe by Ancient Greek Sandals that is great for the pool or the beach, but it's also stylish enough to wear other places. There are a lot of color choices. Bonus, the line has many  styles to chose from in other textures such as nubuck, velvet and linen. 

One last item to consider is a new dress. We like a dress that can be worn with flip flops or the sandals above, but you can also pair a dressier sandal or wedge with it if necessary. One that is easy to care for (we can wash it in the washing machine) is also key! This dress is a steal! If you like it you better grab it before it's gone.

Time to start packing your bags! 




Spring Trends!

It's time to start thinking about what you want to add to your closet this spring. Below are a few of the things that we like. Designers definitely have some fun offerings this spring!

Waist detail tops  

What we love about this is that most of these tops give a little accent to your waist, but they aren't super fitted or short, so they are still comfortable. We think it's a welcome change to some of the tops that are more flowy. But, even if you like your tops to have a little more room in them, we still think you will like this look.


By now you have probably heard about the purple craze. There a lots of different shades out there, so you can pick one that you like and that flatters your skin tone. It's an easy way to add a little color to your wardrobe and to update it instantly.

Clear Shoes

Not a new trend, but one that has not been around for awhile. What is fun about this trend, is the clear heel detail. It adds interest to a shoe in an unexpected way, but it's still able to go with a lot of things. Sometimes, if your shoe is so unique it's not versatile, but that's not the case with this look.



Again not a new trend, but designers are showing a lot of the check look this season. It's a timeless look, so if you don't have anything in your closet know that it's something that you will wear for many seasons. 

Bold Colors

In addition to pastels, designers also showed bright and vibrant colors. One of the ways we love this look is the combination of lots of the colors together- a rainbow effect. It's such a fun way to introduce more color into your wardrobe and it's definitely a fresh take on color.  

Now it's your turn to look at some of the spring trends and figure out how you will incorporate them into your closet! Let the shopping begin! 




Erin's Fall Picks

It's my turn to share my fall pics! I usually make a list at the beginning of each season (sometimes just in my head) of what I want to add to my closet. Each item is not always something that's a new trend, but rather what I think I should add to my wardrobe to make the most of what I have in my closet. Here is my list for this fall.

A white blouse. This is a staple in my wardrobe. I need a new one and love this one from Ann Mashburn because of the placket detail, the tailored fit and the slight bell sleeve.  I will wear this with jeans for a more casual look and with skirts and pants for a dressier look. I love the idea of pairing a simple small scarf with it too. 

I purchased a pair of crop flare jeans in the spring and loved them so much, that I decided I would like a pair of pants that are crop flare. I looked A LOT because I could not find a pair that I really liked until I found these from Zara. I knew I wanted navy and these are perfect! The price is great too, so that makes it an easy purchase! 

I wear jeans a lot and I'm always looking to add some jeans with color to my wardrobe. This season I'm hoping to purchase either an off white pair of jeans or an olive green color. But I also just saw these velvet jeans, so I might actually get these Joe's velvet jeans instead because I love the grey color and love that they are velvet! I might not rock the white boots with them though :). 

I don't like to have a lot of sweaters because with the weather, I never feel like I wear them very much. You know I can't get away from Cost Per Wear.  But, I am in need of another basic sweater. For me, that means a v neck cashmere sweater. This one is a steal. Honestly, it probably won't last for years, but for as often as I will wear it, it's just fine. And I love it in black. 

Florals have been big for a few seasons and as much as I have bought florals for clients, I have not bought any for me. So, I'm hoping to buy a dress in a floral print. Right now, I have my eye on this Kate Spade dress. Prints are such a personal thing- you either love them or you hate them. And I really like the print on this dress! 

I also would like to get a new neutral crossbody bag. It's great to have for travel and so easy for evening too, so you don't have to worry about a bulky bag. I would love the Chloe bag, but that's not in the budget for me, but I really like this Sole Society one too.

My wish list wouldn't be complete without at least one pair of shoes. As much as I don't like to wear heels, I still wear them often enough that I have to keep a nice assortment in my closet. I love this pair, because it has a slight point to it, but the heels are square, which means more comfort for my feet! Love the navy suede option! 

Time for me to get shopping! 

Donna's Fall Pics!

As promised we're sharing some of the things on our shopping list this fall. Today, Donna is sharing what she hopes to add to her closet in the coming months.

I love the embroidered jeans this Fall! A pop of color brings a fun, good-wearing pair of jeans to a new level.  This late 90’s trend feels right at home with me. Love these Pilcro jeans from Anthropologie!

Love the details of this sweater with the fuller sleeves and gathers.  Pair it with jeans, (yes, even white jeans!) navy or black pants, fun versatile and comfortable! 

Fun clutch to pull your outfit together! This clutch can be used daytime with jeans and is also a great accessory for night with a simple, classic black dress 

I love this beautiful cognac color boot.  This color leather is more versatile than a dark brown.  It's one of my favorite Fall looks. A winter white sweater, good pair of jeans and these BOOTS!

This Soia and Kyo vest is a versatile, great layering option for Fall and I love the color! It's a fun piece to add to your wardrobe

Loved being able to share some fun pieces for fall. Time to get shopping!  Stay tuned for Erin's fall shopping list...

Fall Trends!

Fall officially began last week, so it's time again to share some trends for the season. Last week we were at a trunk show surrounded by sweaters and it was hard to even think about wearing them with 80 degree weather outside! But, if you don't buy things now, many of the items will sell out because designers are not cutting as many pieces as they once did. So, to help you with your fall shopping list, here are some of the trends to watch.

Big statement sweaters 

This is just an extension of all the statement sleeves from spring (which are still big). For fall, designers showed this look in sweaters. This Demylee sweater is prefect with the fun ruffle detail on the shoulders as well as the prefect yellow color. Bonus: designers showed yellow for spring 2018, so you know this color will be around for a while. 


Velvet is the hot fabric for fall! Designers are showing it in tops, pants, purses and shoes, and everything else! So, it's super easy to add this fabric to your closet because you have lots of options. We love these loafers by Sam Edelman

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 12.21.38 PM.png


Red is reigning supreme this fall! Not just one shade of red, but all different hues, which is great because it can work on lots of different people. In the right shade, like a burgundy or wine, red can even be considered a neutral. Designers paired red with pink (gasp!), and we love this fresh look! Here's a Halogen ruffle sweater paired with a pair of Halogen wide leg crop pants. Excellent value on this outfit! 


Bows are everywhere. Some people may think this look is too fussy, but you can still try it without looking too sweet or girly, if that isn't your vibe. We picked this dress by Keepsake because it is sophisticated with one shoulder and pleating detail. We know it looks a little short, but the model is 5'9", so for many of us it wouldn't be as short. 

Denim with detail

This is a great trend because it's nice to be able to mix-up denim and give it a little different look. Designers have added embroidery and trim to jeans. This pair by Mother Denim is great because it's an ankle jean, which is the prefect length because it can be worn with most types of shoes. It has the high-low detail as well as the fringe. Different enough to get noticed, but still practical enough to wear with anything. 


It's possible this trend has been on our blog as a trend for the last few fall seasons. So is it really a trend? Fur is here to stay! Fur vest, coats, fur trimmed sweaters, those are are still on trend. This season, designers branched out and added fur detail to shoes. What's not to love about that? Here is a great neutral sneaker from Rachel Zoe. We think you'll where this show all season long. 

So those are just a few of the many fall trends out there. In the coming weeks we are going to share what's on our personal shopping lists for fall. Happy Shopping! 

Fun Fall Shopping for Clients!

Recently, I had the privilege of shopping for Barbara McKay, one of my dear friends. Barbara and I met years ago when I worked in fashion in Charlotte and we reconnected when I moved to Atlanta several years ago. She comes to Atlanta regularly to visit family and I love being able to see her when she does. I was thrilled when she asked me to pick-out some new pieces for her for fall. Let me start by saying, Barbara has fabulous style and always looks stylish and put together. Anyone who knows Barbara or follows her on social media, knows this! So shopping for Barbara may have seemed like a daunting task.

But I love shopping for clients! It’s one of my favorite things to do. And it is often the clients who seem least likely to need a stylist that are the most fun to shop for. I have clients with a wide variety of reasons for wanting me to shop for them. Some need a professional eye to help determine the best styles and colors for them, while others simply don’t have time to shop for themselves or just don’t like to shop, period.

Even the most stylish clients can benefit from a stylist’s help, though, because a stylist can expose them to different styles, colors and designers that they otherwise wouldn’t see. It’s human nature to gravitate toward the same designers and styles that we know are going to work for us. The danger is, if we’re honest with ourselves, our wardrobe can start to get a little predictable if we don’t branch out a little bit. That’s why I love helping clients find new opportunities to expand their wardrobes while staying true to their own innate sense of style. That was the challenge in shopping for Barbara!

I started by heading to Tulipano, one of Barbara’s favorite stores, and rightfully so. The store carries great finds from designers such as See By Chloe, Tibi, and Petersyn just to name a few. 

I took pictures of a few of my great finds for Barbara and am excited to share them with you!

The first is a copper pleated skirt By Malene Birger paired with a short sleeve black top by Sea New York.  What is great about this outfit, specifically for Barbara, is that she’s short-waisted, so the tie emphasizes and elongates her waist. This outfit is also great because the top can be dressed down with jeans for a more casual look. The skirt could also be more casual if you tucked a t-shirt in and wore ankle boots with it.


Another outfit I found was a leopard print jacket by Frame and black ankle Tibi pants. I know Barbara LOVES animal prints.  She wears them as neutrals and that is something I always share with my clients. Just because something is a pattern does not mean it can’t be a neutral. This jacket can go with denim and many other colors. That’s what I want my clients to be able to do—wear their purchases with multiple items in their closet. That’s how you get the most out of your wardrobe and a professional stylist can help to make sure you are able to do this.


Stripes and ruffles were so big in spring and they are still going strong this fall, so I had to get something for Barbara that showed this style. Petersyn is one of my favorite designers for this. I love how easily this top pairs with See By Chloe jeans. The jeans have a fabulous fringe trim, which is on trend this fall. I know Barbara likes to have a little interest in her jeans, so this fit the bill.  And of course, you can never go wrong with a crossbody bag like this See By Chloe. It goes with absolutely everything and is so practical because you can be hands-free if you need.


The last look I found was a little outside of the box for Barbara. I picked out a pair of culottes, which I know is not a style that Barbara necessarily loves.  I know it’s not something she would like to wear on a regular basis, but I wanted to show it to her, especially because the Sea New York pants were mauve and it’s a color that is still neutral. So, just like the animal print jacket, Barbara would be able to wear so many different colors with the mauve culottes. I paired them with a See By Chloe ivory crochet sweater with a beautiful ruffle detail. The sweater is so feminine! And again, because I love for clients to be able to wear things in different ways, this sweater gives Barbara that flexibility.  It goes from paired with jeans for a casual look to tucked into a ball gown skirt for a formal event.


Those are some of my fabulous finds for Barbara. These are all great transitional pieces for fall that can also take you into winter, especially in the South. This has been such a fun project for me and accentuates one of the reasons I love my work as a stylist! I got to help a lovely friend with an impeccable sense of style herself, and was able to help stretch her a little bit to expand her wardrobe with some incredible and versatile pieces that will be a part of her closet for years to come, further strengthening her self-confidence and sense of personal beauty.



How to Find the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

I am so excited to have Barbara McKay as a guest blogger. Beyond all of her accomplishments, Barbara has a sense of style that is unmatched and a genuine personality that shines through the minute you get to know her. I'm delighted to call Barbara a friend!

Barbara is one of Charlotte’s most popular and recognizable media personalities. For over 30 years, Barbara hosted television shows in the Charlotte market on every imaginable topic. For 16 of those years, Barbara appeared daily as co-host of the noontime show Top O’the Day on CBS affiliate WBTV interviewing top local, regional, and national experts. She has also launched and published two popular magazines in the Charlotte market, Barbara McKay's Premier Bride and The Barbara McKay Magazine.

Barbara has now taken her personal passions – home décor, food, fashion, family & furry friends – and is sharing them online! Simply the Best is where fashion and style meet decorating, cooking, crafting and so much more. 

Read on for Barbara's expert tips on finding the perfect pair of sunglasses...

While sticky summer weather may only allow us to showcase our personal style with bare (wardrobe) necessities, one thing is certain: sunglasses are the ultimate fashion accessory during the warm weather season. 

Though sunglasses protect our eyes from the sunlight, I love that they don’t force us to sacrifice style for comfort or safety. No matter your outfit, the right pair of frames can instantly pull your look together.

Big, small, modern or vintage, no matter your preference sunglasses come in a variety of vivacious designs and trendy shapes. I’ve learned, however, that the art to finding the perfect pair is learning your face shape. After discovering my face is considered heart-shaped, I’ve learned how to find the best eyewear to complement it.

Read on to discover how you, too, can make the right decision during your next sunglass-shopping excursion!

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst


Face Shape: Round

Do’s: Try square frames or wayfarers to balance the roundness of your face.

Don’ts: Avoid round frames, they tend to make your face look more round.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie


Face Shape: Square

Do’s: Just as square frames help balance a round face, round frames can soften square faces.

Don’ts: Avoid boxy frames, as they can exaggerate your features.


Scarlett Johansson 

Scarlett Johansson 


Face Shape: Heart

Do’s: Look for a pair of oversized frames or aviators to complement the proportions of your face

Don’ts: Large, oversized frames can often take away from features distinct to people with heart-shaped faces.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry


Face Shape: Oval

Do’s: Good news! You can pull off just about any type of frame, from cat eyes to oversized due the proportion of your features.

Don’ts: I can’t think of any!

We hope this post will help you find just the right pair of sunglasses! Happy shopping! 








The Super Stylish Caftan

We’re always on the look out for new and unique lines! Fashion should be fun and what better way to express your style than through something that you can’t find at just any store?! Recently we discovered a line called Carla Christoph. We love what Carla is doing! While she hasn't always worked in fashion, she has always had a love of style, and actually started her career in design and merchandising school. In 2011, she had some formal events to attend and couldn't find what she wanted to wear (we've all been there, right?) She had a few caftans in her closet and really liked them, so she decided to design her own caftans for these events.  She received so many compliments on them that she knew she was on to something. She hasn't stopped designing them since! 

What's so special about them is that her pieces are one of a kind. She doesn’t buy her fabrics in bulk. She doesn’t duplicate a piece unless it’s going to another city.  And she doesn't sell to stores. Each caftan is made in Houston, Texas and are made to the client's measurements, so it fits perfectly when it arrives! Honestly, her caftans are flattering on most body types and there aren't many things out there that we can say that about. They are slimming, but not too tight and they drape just the right amount.

Caftans have been around for a long time. Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly are among some of the style icons that have worn caftans over the years. Pucci, Halston, and Missoni are just a few of the many designers that have showcased caftans.

Grace Kelly 

Grace Kelly 


Carla has many beautiful designs, but here are a few of our favorites.

Love the fabric and fun green in both of these!

Love the fabric and fun green in both of these!

Carla has a great variety of fabrics and colors. Honestly, there really is something for everyone.

Carla has a great variety of fabrics and colors. Honestly, there really is something for everyone.

This one is perfect for the beach and then later for a party! 

This one is perfect for the beach and then later for a party! 

Another great poolside and party caftan.

Another great poolside and party caftan.

We love her short caftans too.  

We love her short caftans too.  

If you purchase the right one it can take you from the beach to a party. You can dress it up or down with your accessories or shoes (think flips flops or wedges) . 


If you want to learn more about Carla, check out her website and follow her on Instagram to see her latest designs. 

Carla wearing one of her beautiful designs! 

Carla wearing one of her beautiful designs! 

Some Fun Summer Purchases

We thought it would be fun to highlight a few fun summer purchases! Just because it's hot outside doesn't mean you can't buy some new things! So here are a few of the things we have on our list. 

We love this dress from Kim and Proper. It's lightweight and we love the lattice detail on the bottom.  Pack this on a trip and let it do double duty as a dress for a dinner out and a cover-up at the pool.

These are great shoes by Melissa for summer! They can be worn to the pool, with shorts, jeans, and even a  casual dress. Stylish, yet practical... that's a combination we like. 

With embroidery being such a huge trend, we had to share at least one shirt that highlighted this. We love this J Crew top because of the gorgeous blue color and exquisite detail of the embroidery.  

These tassel earrings from Noonday are at the top of our list for a fun purchase! We love these because they are a different take on the tassel earring craze. They're more unique and made in India with love. 

Here's a great bag from Tuckernuck that you can pair with shorts, jeans or even a dress! We love all the fun colors in it. 

We hope these items have given you some inspiration for a new purchase or two which can help get your summer kicked off in style! 






Some Spring Trends

Well it's officially time to start thinking about spring clothes! Let's be honest, with the weather the way it has been, we all feel like we have already been living with spring weather and did we really even wear our winter clothes?? Normally, we show some highlights and inspiration from the runways, but this time we aren't going to do that. We are being rebels! No, really, we didn't feel like there were a lot of new fresh looks for spring. That's not to say we don't like what's out there, but we don't think there were tons of new fashion trends. Rather, designers took what has been trending and gave a little twist to it. Look on the bright side, there aren't a ton of new things you have to rush out and buy in order to look updated. We know you'll still want to add some new things to your closet to freshen it up, so here are some ideas for you! 

Bold Stripes Case in point, we all know stripes are not new. However, what we love about spring is that designers have made the stripes bolder. It's an updated look on a classic. Simple stripes are still on trend, too! We like this one here from BB Dakota because it's neutral black and white but has a twist with the crossover back detail. 


Updated Oxfords Again, for a while we have seen a menswear influence. This season, designers showcased oxford shirts, but of course they added design details to them so it doesn't look like a shirt you borrowed from your favorite guy. We love this one from Cos! It's a basic white shirt with an architectural bow on it. 


Bright Neons Maybe designers just felt like we needed to get back to the 80's. Maybe a lot of them weren't even alive in the 80's?! However, we think this was done very tastefully for spring. This top from Vince Camuto comes in a bright pink and a yellow. We picked yellow because yellow is one of the big colors for spring. A lot of women think they can't wear yellow. Yes, it isn't the easiest color to wear, but there are so many shades, you can totally pull it off!


Floral Prints We're glad that floral prints are still coming on strong. People have definite opinions on prints and they are very personal. However, if you are looking to add a little more spice to your wardrobe, prints are an excellent way to do it. And really, what says spring more than some pretty florals? We selected a dress from Privacy Please because we love how this one can go from day to evening depending own how you accessorize it. 

Ruffles Yes we know ruffles have been around for a while, but we love how designers really created more volume and drama with them this season. And we lied about not showing any runway inspiration (oops) because this top from Self Portrait is one we saw on the runway and we loved it. Not only is it showing ruffles, it's also showing the oxford trend too. 

Blue We already talked about bright colors and yellow. Blue is also a big color story for spring. What's not to love about that? Almost everyone looks good in blue and can add some to her wardrobe. We had so many things to chose from for our blue example. We picked this J Crew top because we love the mixed gingham on it. It's super versatile as it looks fabulous on its own, but can also be worn open over a tank top, or even under a sweater with the collar popping out.

So there you have a few favorite picks for spring. We have also complied some fun spring inspirations on our Spring 2017 Trends Pinterest Board, so be sure to check that out! Happy spring shopping!

Style Icons

We spend a lot of time blogging about key items. Some of you may be tired of hearing it, so we thought it would be fun today to take a look at some of the timeless pieces that have been worn over the years and how they still look great today. Certainly there are pieces that have been worn over the years that DO NOT still look ok, but there are definitely others that do and we want to focus on those.


No list can be complete without this look from Audrey Hepburn. How cute is this?! The look could be assembled at many stores today, from the bateau neck striped top, to the ankle pants, and feminine flats.

Another great Audrey look is this shift dress. Again completely timeless. The only thing you might need to change is your hair. 

We could go on all day with looks from Audrey Hepburn, and maybe we'll do that in a later blog, but now we want to highlight some other fun style icons. Next up is Grace Kelly. This look is quite simple and we selected it because of the importance of turtlenecks last season and the popularity of sweaters this season. We love the slight cowl neck and of course it's paired with the always important black pants.  You can't forget a great pair of sunglasses to complete your stylish look.

Jackie O is another name synonymous with style. This look is a simple sheath dress. Think of it as your day to evening dress or evening you LBD. You've heard us say it many times, every woman needs these. If you buy the right dresses you'll be looking great in them for years.  

Known for her amazing designs, Coco Chanel has influenced fashion in countless ways. We love this picture because, again, it's those classic stripes paired with a slightly higher waist, wider leg pant. Yes, this style is coming back, but truth be told, for all of you out there that don't love the skinny pant look, you were smart if you stayed with this classic look. 

Last we have Princess Kate, who we think people will be looking at as one of their favorite style icons for years to come. 

We think it's so much fun to look through style icon images. The common theme among all of these is that the looks are quite simple. So remember that next time you are stressed about putting together an outfit. For more inspiration check out our Back to the Classics Pinterest Board. Pull from your classic/key pieces and more often than not you will exude style! 

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

We can't believe it's fall again! Weren't we just here talking about turtlenecks, 70's influence and all sorts of other trends for fall 2015? Whether we like it or not, it's time to think about fall fashion again. Here's our highlights of some of the top trends to watch this fall. We'll let you decide if you want them in your closet. 

Sweaters- It doesn't get more understandable or easier than this. Designers showed chunky sweaters, but also added embellishments such as fringe, tassels, and embroidery. We like this sweater because it's a great neutral ivory but has fun details on it.


TSE Sweater 

TSE Sweater 

Patent Leather- It seems like fur always makes an appearance and we will talk about that in a little bit, but new on the fashion front this season is plastic/pvc/patent leather clothes. We think the best way to try this is in a jacket.

Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler


Velvet- Velvet was a big fabric trend for Fall. Anyone have that old velvet jacket still in her closet? Now would be the time to bring it out! Or maybe even those velvet pants. 

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Navy Coats- Many designers showed navy coats. We couldn't be more thrilled with this look.  We love navy and you know we love a coat! If you're in the market for a new coat, try a navy one. It will be a fresh look. 

Cedric Charlier

Cedric Charlier

Neckties- We see this as the perfect opportunity to bring out some of your simple square scarves to achieve this look. In this picture the tie is just wrapped around the neck, but to soften the look you can let the ends come down a little so it doesn't just look like a collar necklace.

Tanya Taylor

Tanya Taylor

Flamboyant Furs- Yes furs have been on the fall list for several years, but this year designers have really upped their game with all sorts of colors and designs. Most definitely this would be a great splurge! 

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Plaid- Will this ever go away? Yes, it's been a trend for a while, so can we really still call it a trend? We're not sure about that, but designers were mad about plaid for fall. We like it in a jacket or even as a scarf as a fun accent piece.



Chunky Heels- This style has been creeping on the scene for the last couple of seasons and it's getting stronger. We love it because these shoes are so much easier to walk in!

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff

Over-the-knee boots- Again another look from shoes that is not completely new this season, but the look continues to be strong. If you don't have your basic boots covered, get those first, but if you already have the basics, this could be a fun purchase.

Francesco Russo

Francesco Russo

Another season recap in the books. It's time to look in your closet and decide what you want to add! 

Essential Shoes

Since we’ve talked about essential pieces, we thought it would be a great idea to do a blog on essential shoes. Again, as with everything, this will vary based on lifestyle, but overall these are the shoes we think most women should have in their closets. As a side note, we LOVE shoes!  In fact, we think shoes play such a big part in making you look put together. You can have such a simple outfit on and if you’re wearing great shoes, your outfit is made. This doesn’t mean you have to have lots of different pairs of shoes. Start with these basics and you’ll see how they will complement and complete your outfits.   The images are linked back to one of our Pinterest Boards.  We've provided these images, so you can have a visual idea of the shoes we are talking about.  Please note not all items shown may be available to purchase.  

Stylish Athletic Shoes-

Think slides, shoes you can put on with your jeans but you don’t look like you’re wearing bulky shoes for the gym. It’s nice to have this as an option because they offer comfort, but the look of this type of shoe is much more stylish and appropriate with jeans. 



In multiple colors. The tendency is to get black.  Black is a great color, but we think neutral is a great color because it goes with everything, is a softer look than black and actually will pop against your all black outfit. We also love the idea of a fun pop color or subtle pattern that will give life to your all neutral outfits.


Open Toe Wedge Heel-

This is great because it’s usually more comfortable than a high heel and offers more support too.  It looks great with jeans but can go with a dress, too. It’s a great option in the spring and summer instead of pumps.



Everyone needs a pair of shoes that they can wear casually in the summer. If you buy the right pair, you can get away with wearing them with some slightly dressier looks too.


Ankle Boots-

This is a style that has come on the fashion scene in the last few years. We don’t see the style going away anytime soon. Buy your boots in a neutral color. Not only do they work in the fall and winter, but they are also great in the spring. Think ankle pants or a fun spring dress paired with your ankle boots.


Riding Style Boot-

This is a timeless style. We suggest purchasing a pair that is fairly simple without many details (buckles, etc.). This is a shoe you will be able to wear for years, so it pays to invest in this.


Shoe/Boot to Wear in the Rain-

This may seem silly, but we really think you need a pair of shoes or boots that are stylish that you can wear when it’s raining. Trust us, you’ll thank us the next time it’s raining because you’ll not only have the function part covered, but also look great.


Black Pumps-

Need we say more? Yes you’ll wear with dresses, skirts and formal outfits, but you can also wear with your jeans. This is a shoe you will reach for many times.


Nude Heels-

It’s great to have another option because sometimes black doesn’t always work. This shoe can also go  from jeans to dresses and with everything in between.


(These last two can certainly be essential pieces, but depending on what shoes you wear on a regular basis you may opt for one over the other, or you may decide you need both!)


Oxford Style Shoe-

This is a nod to the menswear trend that keeps going strong. We like the idea of this kind of shoe because it’s a dressier option than an athletic type slide, but is still super comfortable. Sometimes when you need to be on your feet for a while, you need something a little nicer but you certainly don’t want a heel. This shoe fits the bill.


Statement Heel

If you tend to like heels, then you may want something more than just a black pump and nude heel. A statement heel is great because not only can it give life to your little black dress, it can also go with your ankle pants and a fun top or even your jeans. This shoe is the star of your outfit, so you can pair it with your basic pieces.

So there you have it! Now it’s time to take inventory of your shoes and see what you might need to add to your collection. Shoe shopping is a lot of fun. Now that you have this essential list, it should make the process much easier and also bring a lot of clarity to that pair of shoes you just have to have.  Also check out one of of other Pinterest Boards, Shoes to Swoon Over for even more inspiration. Once you’ve got these basics covered then it’s so much easier to add in other fun shoes. Happy Shopping! 

Do I Really Need to Have My Clothes Altered??

How many times have you gone shopping and finished empty-handed and frustrated because nothing seems to fit?  We know that has happened to all of us at some point.  Our guess is it is more likely for women to have an unproductive shopping trip than a really successful one.  There are various reasons for a frustrating shopping trip, but we believe one of the main reasons is that we expect clothes to fit us without alterations.  Don’t get us wrong, we wish could try something on and have it fit perfectly right off the rack, but for the most part that does not happen.

If you think about it, should we really expect clothes to fit us right off the rack with no alterations?   Clothes are made according to a pattern which coincides with a size chart. How many women do you think have the exact same measurements as the size chart?  Not many.  So, if you try on one size and it’s too small, but the next size up is too big, you’re not alone.  In fact, you're in the majority.  Consider buying the size that is a little big and getting it altered. We truly believe the biggest thing you can do for your look besides being sure to get a good night's sleep is to make sure your clothes fit properly.  

For some styles of clothes, like cotton shirts or t-shirts, the fit doesn't have to be perfect to look nice.  However, pants, jackets, blouses and jeans—yes we said it, even jeans—usually need to be altered.    We know what you’re thinking…I don’t want to pay money for a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit and I don't want to have to pay more money to get a piece altered when I already paid to purchase it.  We get it, and we don’t want to pay any more than we have to either.  Unfortunately, though, this is the case for most people.  You can be wearing a beautiful outfit, but if it doesn’t fit, it simply isn't going to look right on you!  And, if you are holding out for a perfect fit without alterations, you will probably be waiting for a long time.  If it helps, try thinking of the alterations as part of the price of the clothing.   If you read our blog on cost per wear ("My 25 Cent Designer Jeans" posted on August 25, 2014), you will see that the extra money spent to alter something is worth it and, when calculated over time, the cost is negligible.

So, before you throw in the towel and give up on shopping, think about fit.  When you are trying on clothes, look and see if it can be altered to give you the fit you want.  If you don’t think you have an eye for this, ask a personal stylist or seamstress to help you evaluate a piece.  When your clothes fit properly, you look and feel dramatically better.