Some of Our Favorite Gift Ideas for the Holidays

I love to give gifts.  I keep a list of gift ideas on my phone and add to it anytime I see something that catches my eye.  There are two reasons I do this.  One, if I don’t write it down I won’t remember it (this is what having kids did to my memory).  Two, I like to have a list I can just go to, so when I need to buy a gift, I don’t have to think as hard about it.  (My husband would add that the real reason I keep this list is that I am a strong Type A personality.  I don't see what's wrong with that.)

So today, let my Type A tendencies be a benefit to you!  In anticipation of the holidays, I thought I would share some of the gifts I have seen recently that I really like.

Tory Burch for FitBit: I think this is a great collaboration and gift because it makes wearing your FitBit more fashionable.  There is everything from a simple silicone printed bracelet to a metal hinged bracelet or a pendant necklace. 



Henri Bendel iPhone Case: It has the signature black and white stripe on it.  Love how stylish it looks!


C Wonder Bag Mini Nylon Tote: You can monogram it, and I know a lot of you like that!  And if you need a bigger tote, they make this bag in another size.


Hermes Perfume: Make your own set of 4 15mL sprays by choosing from 14 different scents.  Who wouldn’t love to receive something Hermes?


Mark and Graham Enamel Cashmere Touch Screen Gloves:    Stylish and completely practical.  Who wouldn't love cashmere gloves you can keep wearing while using your smartphone?   Caren Grice is our local Mark and Graham merchant.  You can order these gloves and all sorts of other great gifts from her.   Read all about the products in this post in Dashing Through Winston-Salem.  In the post you will see an access code and id number.  Make sure to use these on Caren's website when you order because they give you access to free shipping on every order!

Cashmere gloves.jpg

Jenna Hipp nail polish:  A friend introduced me to this nail polish.  It comes in great colors, it's easy to apply and, most importantly, the ingredients are safer than most of the nail polish out there.  Jenna created this nail polish after experiencing negative side effects from nail polish fumes.  The best part is you can get these cute 8 mini nail polish sets at Costco.


Rebecca Minkoff Wearable Technology:  The designer collaborated with luxury phone casing maker Case-Mate to create two high-tech, high-fashion bracelets, as well as a golden phone charger.  Each bracelet has its own function, so it wouldn't be redundant to wear them both.  The gold, chain-linked bracelet connects to your phone via Bluetooth and alerts you of calls and texts from chosen contacts.  It lights up to alert you, so you can put your phone away and still be connected.  The studded leather bracelet, on the other hand, transforms into a lightning cable that connects to a USB cable for times when you badly need to charge.  They should be available soon, in time for holiday gift giving. 


Twin City Style Gift Certificate: This is not really on my list, but it’s a great gift for anyone.  It's perfect for any woman because there are so many services you can use it for.  They come wrapped and ready to give and certain to delight!!

I hope you are feeling inspired with some new gift ideas.  If you need help finding any of these items through online retailers, feel free to email and we'll make sure you can find them!