Read This Before You Spend Your Christmas Money On Clothes


Everyone should read this before you run to the great after-Christmas sales.  

How many times have you bought something and you were so excited about it, but once you get it home, the piece loses its luster or you realize you don't actually have anything to wear with it.  Now the piece you spent your Christmas money on just sits in your closet.  My challenge for everyone this holiday season is to start shopping with a purpose.  

So, what does that mean?   

The first thing you need to have is a good understanding of what's in your closet. You should know everything that is in your closet and you should be rotating through and wearing most pieces each season.  If you are not, before you buy anything new, you need to get a handle on why you are not wearing the pieces that are already in your closet.  The exception would be very dressy pieces or items with a specific purpose that you only need to wear every once in a while.   

We also all gravitate toward certain styles or colors and there is nothing wrong with that.  However, we don't need 8 variations of the same piece.

Also, we need to vow not to just buy a piece simply because it is a good deal.  Don’t get me wrong, it's great if you are able to get something for a steal, but only if you are going to wear it.  I would rather you not buy the piece that doesn’t work with your wardrobe and save the money to put toward something you will actually wear.

Before you start shopping, you should also have an idea of key pieces that you need to add to your closet.  The idea does not have to be specific.  It could be something like, “I want to add a classic blouse," or "I need a dress that can go from day to evening.”  It does not have to be a blouse or a dress from a certain designer, but rather a style or look you are wanting to add to your wardrobe.  You get the idea.  It will differ for each person and there can be flexibility in it.

I see your closet as something you are constantly building.  You don’t want to buy everything all at once.  Kind of like a house, you work over time to decorate it and make it a home.  You do the same with your wardrobe.  Each season, you can add a couple well-made pieces that will last for years and you can throw in a few fun pieces that are a little trendier, but may not hold up as long.  If you do this, when you have a party, out of town weekend or even a casual brunch that you want to look pulled together for, you will have a good foundation of pieces to pull from and will be able to put together a smashing outfit.

Hopefully, this idea of keeping the bigger picture in mind will allow you to not only enjoy the fun of spending your holiday money splurging a little bit on clothes, but it will allow the fun to continue long after you leave the store as you enjoy your new items which work with the rest of your wardrobe!