Better Bras in the New Year - Part 2

If I still don’t have you convinced about the importance of a properly fitted bra, or you simply can’t stand the idea of investing the time in a bra fitting, I have another option for you.  True & Co. is an on-line store that sells bras and other intimate items.  I happened to read about it in Women's Wear Daily (one of my favorite pastimes is reading WWD.  I know, I'm weird like that, but I find out about all kinds of new designers, products, websites, etc.)  What’s unique about True & Co,  is that they have a detailed quiz you can fill out and from your responses, they recommend various bras and the size just for you. 

I was initially highly skeptical, but, like many of you, I hate bra shopping, so I decided to give it a try.    After a few minutes of taking the quiz, I had a lot of bra styles to choose from.  I ordered 3 different style bras and 2 styles of underwear.  They have an option of a Home Try On service where you don’t even pay for what you order.   Instead, you have five days from when you receive the products to try them on and decide what you want to keep.  You are charged for whatever you decide to keep and just return the rest.  Shipping and returns are free!  So I decided it was worth the risk.  (Note that you get to try the bras on.  You can't try the underwear on.  Once you break the seal on the panty bags, you've purchased those.  That actually made me feel a bit more comfortable with that part of things.)

The shipment comes nicely packaged in a box which includes a return shipping envelope.  

When my package arrived, I had success!  Two of the three bras worked and all of the underwear worked.  This was a big victory for me.  After you decide what to return/keep, you answer questions about the products and fit of each one, so True & Co will even adjust your fit recommendations for future reference and future orders.  I probably ended up spending an hour max by the time you include the quiz, selecting styles, and then trying the styles on once my package arrived.  I think that is pretty good, considering that the last time I went bra shopping at a store I was there 2 hours and only ended up with 1 bra that I liked. 

To be sure that it was not just a fluke that I had success, I had my intern, Caroline, try out True & Co.  She had never heard of it before, so she filled out the survey and ordered some pieces.  Two of the bras she ordered worked, and a third one, she just needed a different size. They also sent her two styles that she did not like.  All in all, she was pleased and would order again for sure.   Caroline commented that it was especially nice to be able to try the bras on at home with her clothes.  That way you don’t have to worry about bringing a bunch of different types of clothing to the store just to make sure the bras work with different items from your wardrobe. 

So, now there is even a place that can fit you for a bra without you having to leave the comfort of your own home.  There are no more excuses for not getting the proper fit!   

It’s a new year… time for a new bra.