Designers Want Us to Wear What this Fall?!

It’s that time of year!  The time we’ve all been waiting for…. New York Fashion Week!  Of course, I’m kidding because I know we are all too busy and focused on many other pressing issues to stop and pay attention to the runways.  Aren’t most of us just happy if we have a few minutes of peace to get dressed quickly for the day ahead?  I actually still follow NY Fashion Week because I love to see what the designers show and then figure out how I can incorporate it into my wardrobe. But I’m a little weird like that. 

New York Fashion Week for Spring 2015 is getting ready to kick off.  That’s right, I said Spring 2015.  Isn’t it crazy that we are already looking toward Spring 2015, when it feels like this summer break just ended?   I mean who has even had time to think about clothes for this fall, especially when it’s still hot?  I will highlight a few trends for Spring 2015 in about a week, but first I want to talk about some fall trends that were shown on the runways back in February, because soon enough we’ll all be pulling out our clothes for this fall.  Keep in mind, just because a style has been shown on the runway by numerous designers, does not mean you have to embrace the trend!   There are a lot of crazy things that designers show, but you can usually adapt the looks to be more wearable.  Take a look at what’s new and see if there is anything you may want to add to your fall wardrobe.

Long Coats:  Many long coats were shown in robe-like styles that tied.  The nice thing about this look is that you can pair it with a slim pant and your outfit is set.  You look pulled together without having to think about it.   The designers also showed sweater-like capes and blankets.

Altuzarra (long robe-like coat)

Chloe (blanket coat)

Chloe (blanket coat)

Shearling:  Fur is another thing that was seen on most runways.  It was shown as an accent in color or as an overall jacket.    Unless you plan to invest a minimum of $500, this is probably not a trend many of us are going to embrace. 

Carolina Herrera (robe coat, fur accents)

Turtlenecks:  with various degrees of volume.   Some designers showed very voluminous turtlenecks, others showed more basic turtlenecks.   (One funny note about this.  My husband happened to see my notes and noticed the word turtleneck.  He looked at me and said, "I put turtlenecks in the same category as sweatpants."  You'll have to wait, but soon I'll  have a blog post about all of the athletic inspired trends, specifically sweatpants and it will shed some light on my husband's thoughts, although he may just be clueless. ;) )


Crop Tops: This does not mean you have to show your belly, nor am I suggesting you do!   It just means a shirt in a shorter length compared to the longer lengths we have seen in the recent past.

Midi Skirt:  This was seen on almost every runway.   Designers showed this from a little below the knee to the midpoint of your calf.  Personally, I feel this is a hard length to wear.  The most flattering way to wear the midi skirt is as a pencil skirt or a slim skirt with small pleats.  

Hugo Boss (crop top with midi skirt)


Leather Moto Jackets:  Think Chanel and the bomber all combined into one look.  Sorry, no pictures for this one because all of the images I could find had half-dressed models with the coat barely covering them.

Menswear:  This trend has continued for the past few seasons and is particularly strong for fall.  Look for plaids, button up shirts, suiting, or menswear inspired oxford shoes. 

Oscar de la Renta (menswear inspired herringbone)

Matching Sets:  I’m not sure if I am ready for this one yet.  A printed top with a matching printed bottom—I don’t know if we can pull this look off in the South!


Thakoon (matching sets, long coat and turtleneck)

There’s lots of style in the picture above, but can you imagine if you saw me in this?   You would think I had rolled out of bed and blindly threw on some clothes and lost my mind, or maybe I just forgot to change out of my pajamas!

Athletic Inspired Trends:  I thought this was going to be a fading trend when it was shown last season, but it’s still here.  This can be seen in sweatshirts, track pants, sweatpants, and athletic shoes paired with jeans all the way to dresses.  It’s nice because you can wear the updated slim track pant and be comfortable.  However, for me the down side is, it’s not as simple as just wearing your workout clothes.  Rather, you have to think about how you put the outfit together, which begs the question, do you really want to think that much if you're trying to dress comfortably?


Michael Kors (comfy cashmere "sweatpants", long fur coat)


Big Colors for the Fall: Oranges, pastels, reds, and gray (especially when paired with rich and bright colors). 

That’s it!  In the coming weeks I am going to pick some of these trends and show you ways you can pull off some of these looks and even use what you already have in an updated way.  I promise you won’t look silly or have your picture taken and posted on What Not to Wear. 

One last picture from Fall 2014 just because I love it, it’s timeless and I think it makes us all realize there are still beautiful clothes being designed (even if the model seems like she is not happy wearing it!!).

Oscar de la Renta