Is it Crazy to try the Menswear Trend?

If you have been reading my blogs about fall trends, you know I have been showing you some ways to incorporate these trends into your existing wardrobe.   I’m still up for the challenge, and that’s what it is because a lot of trends the designers showed do not seem particularly wearable, especially in the south where we want to make sure we always look pulled together and classy. 

You've probably heard that menswear is big right now.  So, how can we try and work some of the menswear look into our closets?  I’m not even going to try and suggest a basic pant suit.  One, I think that’s boring and two, I have to show you I’m a little more creative than that.   Instead, why not buy a pair of shoes that has a menswear inspired feel?  Here are four different pairs of shoes you could try and each has a distinct menswear quality.   

There is the athletic inspired slip on that would look great with jeans or some cropped pants or even track pants.

Sam Edelman

Next, we have the tweed accented heel which would look great with a skirt, dress or pants. 

 Nine West

Then there is the tied oxford shoe that can go with dress pants or jeans so you can wear it semi-dressy or casual.

Sam Edelman

And finally, the tweed flat is super easy to pair with pants, jeans and even a skirt. 


You probably have many or all of the pieces in your closet to make multiple outfits with these shoes.  It’s an easy way to add a fresh, updated look to your fall wardrobe