The Trick of the Third Piece

We are reposting our blog from a few months ago about the Third Piece Rule because we received such a great response from it.  We are also sharing it again because the Junior League of Winston-Salem’s annual Boutique shopping event is coming up November 20-21. We think it’s the perfect place to pick up some Third Pieces either for yourself or as a gift.  We love the idea of Boutique because the money that the Junior League raises helps to fund programs that benefit the community.  Twin City Style loves to shop, but if the shopping helps to support a cause, we like that even more!  Check out the website for more information about Boutique as well as information about the Junior League of Winston-Salem and all the wonderful things they do for the Winston-Salem Community. 



Do you know someone who always seems to look put together? Maybe she doesn’t even have outfits that you think are over the top. They may even be quite simple, but she still looks good. Have you ever stopped to think about why it is she looks this way?  Our guess is that she probably always has a “third piece”. What do we mean by this? We mean that in addition to wearing your top and bottom, and not including your shoes, you add a third piece. It can be anything from a jacket, blazer, sweater or vest, to some type of statement accessory.  What is it about this piece that makes such a difference? It’s just a simple way to make an ordinary outfit look a little more polished, put together, and just generally more interesting.  If you don’t believe us check out a few of these examples.

We’ve always said a jacket or a blazer are an easy way to put a stylish outfit together with minimal effort. You can looked pulled together with simple pieces such as a chambray shirt and jeans. Look at these two examples from our Pinterest Board. They aren’t uniquely stylish pieces. In fact, they are actually basics, but the blazer and the jackets take the looks to the next level.

Just like above with the jacket and blazer, a sweater can achieve the same goal. What’s nice about a sweater is that it can take you into the spring and summer, especially if you have a short sleeve or ¾ sleeve version in addition to a long sleeve one. See how a simple grey t shirt and jeans looks even better with this sweater.

Vests were big for spring and continue to be on trend for fall. This is great because you can wear the same vest with a long sleeved shirt in colder weather and with short sleeves during warmer temperatures. Here a simple striped dress is certainly cute by itself, but the vest makes the look seem more interesting. (Yes, we know the dress is only a single piece, so the vest is technically not a third piece in this example, but we can say that the dress counts as both a top and bottom.) Also, these jeans and white shirt definitely look more stylish with the addition of the vest. See how adding the white vest to the printed pants and basic white top gives this look so much more interest?

If you aren’t interested in adding a layer with a piece of clothing, then try it with some accessories. A simple pop of color added to a shirt makes all the difference in the world. Or try a scarf.  They aren’t just for winter anymore. We’re loving the fresh look of a floral print scarf. It’s right on trend with the floral prints that are being shown, but is so much easier to wear than a printed top or pants. 

So, when you are getting dressed, consider adding a third piece to your outfit. If you need more inspiration, check out our Third Piece Pinterest Board. You can find all of the links from this post, along with many other ideas on this topic. 

We’ll also be posting some Third Piece ideas on Instagram the next couple of weeks that you will be able to see at Boutique.   So stay tuned for some Third Piece inspiration!