Essential Necklaces Every Woman Should Have

How many times have you bought a necklace, thought it was going to be a great purchase, but then you end up hardly ever wearing it? Necklace purchases are hard.  You need to have the right balance between having enough choices, but not so many that it’s overwhelming and pieces go unworn. To simplify things for you, we have come up with five types of necklaces we think every woman should have. You can certainly have more than one piece from each of these categories, but if you like to keep things simple or you’re wanting to start to wear more necklaces, start with one of each. (Note the following are not actually names of styles, but are simply category names we’ve given certain pieces to help you plan.) 

The Best Friend - This is a necklace that you feel great in. You can wear it all of the time. It’s comfortable and it goes with most things. This is not going to be a super dressy necklace, nor will it have a lot of bling on it. It is that necklace you reach for most often.  And if you have two "best friends", it's easy to layer together for a more stylish look. 

The Add-On - This is a necklace that you can use to layer with your other necklaces. Think of a style that would look good with your Best Friend because then you can wear the two together sometimes and give your Best Friend a different look. The Add-On doesn’t always have to pair with your Best Friend, though. You can also pair it with some of the looks we will describe below.

The Finishing Touch - This is the necklace that you put on when you are trying to add some style to a simpler outfit. It’s what a lot of people would refer to a statement necklace. We are not big fans of the typical statement necklace because they tend to be overpowering on most women and, instead of complementing an outfit, a traditional statement necklace can overshadow the outfit. So look for a Finishing Touch piece that won’t overshadow your outfits. That being said, the Finishing Touch still has to be special enough to make a statement. 

The Sparkler - Every girl should have a little sparkle in her jewelry box. The name is pretty self-explanatory. The Sparkler can certainly be worn in the evening, but if done the right way, you can even wear it daytime. The Sparkler can pair nicely with your Add On and at times even with your Best Friend.  Here the Best Friend, Sparkler and Finishing Touch are layered together.  Of course, it can be worn alone too.

The Colorful Companion – We also think every woman should have a necklace that has some color to it. This is the perfect way to add some color to an otherwise neutral outfit. Pick a color that brightens your face and it’s a way you can add life to a top that’s in a color that might normally wash you out.  If you don't love longer styles, you can opt for a shorter style.  But if you do like a longer length, you can layer your Colorful Companion.

Now that you have an outline for the pieces you need, we suggest going to your jewelry collection and determining which category each of your necklaces fall into. Keep in mind, necklaces can fall into more than one category. This process will help you to understand why you aren’t wearing certain necklaces or new ways you can wear some of your existing pieces together. Also, it will help you to be much more focused when you are shopping for a new piece.   All of the links in this post are from our Essential Necklaces Board on Pinterest. There are lots of other images on it for you to check out for inspiration. 

Don’t rush out to fill in all of your missing necklaces at once. It’s best to build your collection over time.  Just like decorating a house, if you do it over time, it will most naturally reflect your personal style. And as discussed, it’s best if you can wear some of your necklaces together.  It’s a great way to maximize what you already own and it also generally looks more stylish!