Fashion Rules Meant to be Broken Part 1

Do you think of yourself as a rule breaker or rule follower? We're definitely the latter, but we've always secretly wanted to have a rebellious streak. We could never totally pull that off, but we have found a perfect outlet for us to break some rules and feel like a rebel. This pertains mainly to the rules that we follow when we get dressed in the morning. In the fashion world, we’ve forever heard a bunch of do’s and don’t’s about what to wear. Maybe you remember watching Stacy and Clinton on What Not to Wear and hearing so many of their rules for dressing right. However, there are a few “rules” out there that are meant to be broken, and we think Stacy and Clinton would agree. (But secretly we don't care if they agree, because we're rebels!)


1.      Myth: No White After Labor Day

We’ve forever been told not to wear white after Labor Day, but it’s time to try something different than your go-to black. The fashion world has begun to show many monochromatic, all white outfits in the winter/fall that can be adapted to your everyday wardrobe. This ensemble looks best with layering and different textures, so think about a white silk top under a knit. But maybe the all white look is a little intimidating for you; instead, start with an elegant ivory coat or creamy trousers. Even your white jeans could be “winterized” with some tall riding boots and a chunky sweater. White is such a classic color that can easily brighten up your look during dreary winter days. It looks oh so chic with a blush or oatmeal colored sweater. Stay away from white sandals, sundresses, and linen, rather look for warm winter fabrics like wool, knit, or even a yummy fur!

2.     Myth: Don’t Mix Gold and Silver

This fashion faux pas should no longer be one of your concerns for dressing in the morning. Instead, mixing gold and silver together can be quite chic. You can start by mixing your jewelry—bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, anything!  Designers have even begun adapting this new combo to their clothes. Whether it’s accessories, shoes, or clothes, it’s time to mix it up and start merging your metals.




We love this watch because it is a great starting piece to add silver or gold bracelets—or both!

We love this watch because it is a great starting piece to add silver or gold bracelets—or both!

3.    Myth: You Shouldn’t Mix Brown and Black

Brown and black are two neutrals and neutrals naturally go together. That being said, it’s fun to add a great color, print, or texture to break up all the basic color. Leopard or tortoise is a perfect way to tie in both colors. Furthermore, wearing a lighter brown will make the contrast seem more purposeful, if you’re trying to avoid the feeling of clashing. It also helps to have more than one piece of brown in your black ensemble to avoid seeming random. For example, wear brown boots and belt with a black dress.

4.      Myth: Short People Can’t Wear Long Dress/Skirts

If you’re on the shorter side, don’t be afraid to wear a long dress or maxi skirt. It’s hard to picture yourself in a long dress when all we see are six-foot models from the runaway, but don’t let that stop you! One rule that can help when you’re trying on these clothes is the rule of thirds.  Uneven proportions tend to be better, so dividing your figure in thirds is generally better.  With a long skirt, wear a fitted t-shirt or a tucked in chambray button down.  That way, instead of your shirt hitting in the middle of your body, it hits higher up and doesn’t cut your body in half. Other ways to elongate your body are with an empire waist, a classic v-neckline, and small prints (no bigger than your fist), or solid colors.

Eva Langoria looking stylish in a long dress

Eva Langoria looking stylish in a long dress

So, go ahead and break the rules! Be a rebel!

And stay tuned because we'll be back with some more rules you can break!

A special thanks to our wonderful intern, Caroline Benson for all of her hard work and help in writing this blog!