Fashion Rules Meant to be Broken: Part 2

We're back with a few more ways you can be a fashion rule breaker....

 Myth: Sparkle is Only for Evening Wear

This one may be a little harder for you to wrap your head around.   Most people tend to pull out the sparkles for fancy evening affairs, but we've recently discovered some fun, tasteful ways to wear your sparkles during the daytime. Layering can be very important when trying to keep this look muted. An embellished shirt looks great under a blazer or sweater, while still giving your outfit oomph. Accessories are another easy way to add sparkle whether with fun earrings or glittery shoes. If you aren’t afraid to embrace this look, have fun with it and try on the sparkly skirt or pants to make a statement. Whatever it is, remember to pair your sparkles with something a little less glitzy—a sequin skirt with a chambray button down or jeans and a simple tee with a sequin jacket.  

A jacket helps to tone down sparkle during the day.

A jacket helps to tone down sparkle during the day.

Myth: Navy and Black Shouldn’t Be Worn Together

Chanel has been doing this for years, and now the rest of us are starting to catch on. It is such a classic look and can be as easy as simple black pants and a navy sweater. However, to pull this look off, you must make it seem obvious. You don’t want someone to think that you got dressed thinking your navy shirt was really black because you got dressed in the dark. To prevent this, consider layering with different textures—silk and knit, lace and denim, or suede and leather.

 Myth: You Must Wear a Belt If Your Shirt Is Tucked In

We have never really liked wearing belts (maybe because it’s hard to find one that fits perfectly).  We don’t know why we were concerned with this because it isn’t something you need to worry about.  You don’t have to wear a belt.  Granted, men don’t have this luxury—they look much more polished and professional when they have a belt on with their shirt tucked in. However, for us, women aren’t bound to this rule any longer. You can have a much more casual, relaxed look, while still looking very put together. Recently, the half tuck has been popular, which works for many different kinds of tops and requires no belt.


On a related note, there are also many other versatile ways to wear belts, such as belting a scarf or coat. A belt does not always have to have a belt loop to go through.  So think outside of the box—belt a coat with a wider belt to accentuate your waist and slenderize your appearance.

  Myth: In Order for Colors to Match, You Must Have The Exact Color in Them

Colorblocking has become a favorite look recently, but the colors don’t have to be exactly the same. In fact, an unexpected color combo makes a great statement and you can still look very put together. Neutrals are always a good starting point—cream and beige, black and blue, or brown and black, like we talked about before. You don’t need to have the exact same shade to match, but keeping the colors in the same general family helps. So think about keeping cool colors, like green and blue together and warm colors, like reds, pinks, and oranges together. 

Also, when pairing a solid top or bottom with a patterned piece, you don’t have to have the exact same color.  As long as it blends you are good! 

Not the same color of pink in the skirt, but the top still works with it!

Not the same color of pink in the skirt, but the top still works with it!

So now you can be a rebel with all of these rules we have told you to break!  Go ahead and live on the edge!

Thanks again to our awesome intern Caroline Benson for all of her work on this blog post!