Essential Pieces Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet-Part 1


Clients and friends always ask us what items every woman should have in her closet. This is a difficult question to answer because the items in a well-balanced wardrobe depend on a woman’s lifestyle and how she has to dress on a daily basis. However, we do feel there are some pieces that transcend age and lifestyle. So, in an effort to shed some light on this very popular question, here is a list of five must-have items for every woman’s closet. We’ll follow-up with another post with four more such items.

#1 Day-to-Evening Dress
Every woman should have a dress that can be worn for daytime events such as work or a luncheon. But what happens when you receive an invitation for a fancier affair on an evening after you’ve worked all day and don’t have time to change? Every woman should have a dress in her wardrobe that can be worn for both situations. The dress should be simple enough so adding some accessories can “dress it up,” but it should still have enough style that you feel special in it for an evening out.

#2 Black Pants
We think black pants are something most of us know we are supposed to have. It seems like something our mothers may have even told us. However, as much as we know this, it’s surprising that many women are missing this key piece in their wardrobes. The beauty of a pair of black pants is that, much like the day-to-evening dress, the pants can be worn to work in daytime but can also go into evening and look quite dressy when paired with the proper top. If you pick a classic style black pant, one that is straight cut or even with a slightly wider leg, it will last for years.

#3 A Good T-shirt
T-shirts are part of most of our wardrobes. Things have gotten so casual that many women wear T-shirts most days. We qualify this item by saying “good” because it pays to spend a little more on a nice T-shirt every once in a while. They last longer, hold their shape and just generally look nicer. The great thing about a T-shirt is that you can wear it with jeans, but it can also be a layering piece with a scarf, jacket or even a statement necklace over it. So your causal t-shirt can be elevated to a nicer level of attire, giving you more options. Color on this can be flexible. We usually suggest white, grey or some other type of neutral color.

#4 A Nice Blouse
This can be your “classic white blouse” or a blouse in a favorite color. It can have some design detail such as French cuffs if you prefer. Again, a blouse like this can have a more casual look when paired with jeans or layered under a sweater, cardigan or jacket; or it can be paired with black pants or a pencil skirt and finished with a statement bracelet and clutch to dress the whole look up.

#5 Statement Jacket
It’s nice to have a jacket in your wardrobe that goes beyond the basic blazer. Don’t get us wrong, a blazer is a great piece to have in a closet, but a statement jacket is just a little more special. It’s the kind of jacket that you throw on with your jeans or pants and you instantly look put together. A trench coat can even fit into this category because usually there are button details on a trench that add interest. The bonus for this jacket in the South is that you can wear it as an outerwear piece on days that are not very cold, and you can also wear it as a topper to complete your outfit.

So, there you have it — five of essential items for every woman’s closet. We'll post some examples of these essential pieces, so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.  In our next blog post we'll talk about four more essential items for your closet.