Essential Shoes

Since we’ve talked about essential pieces, we thought it would be a great idea to do a blog on essential shoes. Again, as with everything, this will vary based on lifestyle, but overall these are the shoes we think most women should have in their closets. As a side note, we LOVE shoes!  In fact, we think shoes play such a big part in making you look put together. You can have such a simple outfit on and if you’re wearing great shoes, your outfit is made. This doesn’t mean you have to have lots of different pairs of shoes. Start with these basics and you’ll see how they will complement and complete your outfits.   The images are linked back to one of our Pinterest Boards.  We've provided these images, so you can have a visual idea of the shoes we are talking about.  Please note not all items shown may be available to purchase.  

Stylish Athletic Shoes-

Think slides, shoes you can put on with your jeans but you don’t look like you’re wearing bulky shoes for the gym. It’s nice to have this as an option because they offer comfort, but the look of this type of shoe is much more stylish and appropriate with jeans. 



In multiple colors. The tendency is to get black.  Black is a great color, but we think neutral is a great color because it goes with everything, is a softer look than black and actually will pop against your all black outfit. We also love the idea of a fun pop color or subtle pattern that will give life to your all neutral outfits.


Open Toe Wedge Heel-

This is great because it’s usually more comfortable than a high heel and offers more support too.  It looks great with jeans but can go with a dress, too. It’s a great option in the spring and summer instead of pumps.



Everyone needs a pair of shoes that they can wear casually in the summer. If you buy the right pair, you can get away with wearing them with some slightly dressier looks too.


Ankle Boots-

This is a style that has come on the fashion scene in the last few years. We don’t see the style going away anytime soon. Buy your boots in a neutral color. Not only do they work in the fall and winter, but they are also great in the spring. Think ankle pants or a fun spring dress paired with your ankle boots.


Riding Style Boot-

This is a timeless style. We suggest purchasing a pair that is fairly simple without many details (buckles, etc.). This is a shoe you will be able to wear for years, so it pays to invest in this.


Shoe/Boot to Wear in the Rain-

This may seem silly, but we really think you need a pair of shoes or boots that are stylish that you can wear when it’s raining. Trust us, you’ll thank us the next time it’s raining because you’ll not only have the function part covered, but also look great.


Black Pumps-

Need we say more? Yes you’ll wear with dresses, skirts and formal outfits, but you can also wear with your jeans. This is a shoe you will reach for many times.


Nude Heels-

It’s great to have another option because sometimes black doesn’t always work. This shoe can also go  from jeans to dresses and with everything in between.


(These last two can certainly be essential pieces, but depending on what shoes you wear on a regular basis you may opt for one over the other, or you may decide you need both!)


Oxford Style Shoe-

This is a nod to the menswear trend that keeps going strong. We like the idea of this kind of shoe because it’s a dressier option than an athletic type slide, but is still super comfortable. Sometimes when you need to be on your feet for a while, you need something a little nicer but you certainly don’t want a heel. This shoe fits the bill.


Statement Heel

If you tend to like heels, then you may want something more than just a black pump and nude heel. A statement heel is great because not only can it give life to your little black dress, it can also go with your ankle pants and a fun top or even your jeans. This shoe is the star of your outfit, so you can pair it with your basic pieces.

So there you have it! Now it’s time to take inventory of your shoes and see what you might need to add to your collection. Shoe shopping is a lot of fun. Now that you have this essential list, it should make the process much easier and also bring a lot of clarity to that pair of shoes you just have to have.  Also check out one of of other Pinterest Boards, Shoes to Swoon Over for even more inspiration. Once you’ve got these basics covered then it’s so much easier to add in other fun shoes. Happy Shopping!