Some Spring Trends

Well it's officially time to start thinking about spring clothes! Let's be honest, with the weather the way it has been, we all feel like we have already been living with spring weather and did we really even wear our winter clothes?? Normally, we show some highlights and inspiration from the runways, but this time we aren't going to do that. We are being rebels! No, really, we didn't feel like there were a lot of new fresh looks for spring. That's not to say we don't like what's out there, but we don't think there were tons of new fashion trends. Rather, designers took what has been trending and gave a little twist to it. Look on the bright side, there aren't a ton of new things you have to rush out and buy in order to look updated. We know you'll still want to add some new things to your closet to freshen it up, so here are some ideas for you! 

Bold Stripes Case in point, we all know stripes are not new. However, what we love about spring is that designers have made the stripes bolder. It's an updated look on a classic. Simple stripes are still on trend, too! We like this one here from BB Dakota because it's neutral black and white but has a twist with the crossover back detail. 


Updated Oxfords Again, for a while we have seen a menswear influence. This season, designers showcased oxford shirts, but of course they added design details to them so it doesn't look like a shirt you borrowed from your favorite guy. We love this one from Cos! It's a basic white shirt with an architectural bow on it. 


Bright Neons Maybe designers just felt like we needed to get back to the 80's. Maybe a lot of them weren't even alive in the 80's?! However, we think this was done very tastefully for spring. This top from Vince Camuto comes in a bright pink and a yellow. We picked yellow because yellow is one of the big colors for spring. A lot of women think they can't wear yellow. Yes, it isn't the easiest color to wear, but there are so many shades, you can totally pull it off!


Floral Prints We're glad that floral prints are still coming on strong. People have definite opinions on prints and they are very personal. However, if you are looking to add a little more spice to your wardrobe, prints are an excellent way to do it. And really, what says spring more than some pretty florals? We selected a dress from Privacy Please because we love how this one can go from day to evening depending own how you accessorize it. 

Ruffles Yes we know ruffles have been around for a while, but we love how designers really created more volume and drama with them this season. And we lied about not showing any runway inspiration (oops) because this top from Self Portrait is one we saw on the runway and we loved it. Not only is it showing ruffles, it's also showing the oxford trend too. 

Blue We already talked about bright colors and yellow. Blue is also a big color story for spring. What's not to love about that? Almost everyone looks good in blue and can add some to her wardrobe. We had so many things to chose from for our blue example. We picked this J Crew top because we love the mixed gingham on it. It's super versatile as it looks fabulous on its own, but can also be worn open over a tank top, or even under a sweater with the collar popping out.

So there you have a few favorite picks for spring. We have also complied some fun spring inspirations on our Spring 2017 Trends Pinterest Board, so be sure to check that out! Happy spring shopping!