Fun Fall Shopping for Clients!

Recently, I had the privilege of shopping for Barbara McKay, one of my dear friends. Barbara and I met years ago when I worked in fashion in Charlotte and we reconnected when I moved to Atlanta several years ago. She comes to Atlanta regularly to visit family and I love being able to see her when she does. I was thrilled when she asked me to pick-out some new pieces for her for fall. Let me start by saying, Barbara has fabulous style and always looks stylish and put together. Anyone who knows Barbara or follows her on social media, knows this! So shopping for Barbara may have seemed like a daunting task.

But I love shopping for clients! It’s one of my favorite things to do. And it is often the clients who seem least likely to need a stylist that are the most fun to shop for. I have clients with a wide variety of reasons for wanting me to shop for them. Some need a professional eye to help determine the best styles and colors for them, while others simply don’t have time to shop for themselves or just don’t like to shop, period.

Even the most stylish clients can benefit from a stylist’s help, though, because a stylist can expose them to different styles, colors and designers that they otherwise wouldn’t see. It’s human nature to gravitate toward the same designers and styles that we know are going to work for us. The danger is, if we’re honest with ourselves, our wardrobe can start to get a little predictable if we don’t branch out a little bit. That’s why I love helping clients find new opportunities to expand their wardrobes while staying true to their own innate sense of style. That was the challenge in shopping for Barbara!

I started by heading to Tulipano, one of Barbara’s favorite stores, and rightfully so. The store carries great finds from designers such as See By Chloe, Tibi, and Petersyn just to name a few. 

I took pictures of a few of my great finds for Barbara and am excited to share them with you!

The first is a copper pleated skirt By Malene Birger paired with a short sleeve black top by Sea New York.  What is great about this outfit, specifically for Barbara, is that she’s short-waisted, so the tie emphasizes and elongates her waist. This outfit is also great because the top can be dressed down with jeans for a more casual look. The skirt could also be more casual if you tucked a t-shirt in and wore ankle boots with it.


Another outfit I found was a leopard print jacket by Frame and black ankle Tibi pants. I know Barbara LOVES animal prints.  She wears them as neutrals and that is something I always share with my clients. Just because something is a pattern does not mean it can’t be a neutral. This jacket can go with denim and many other colors. That’s what I want my clients to be able to do—wear their purchases with multiple items in their closet. That’s how you get the most out of your wardrobe and a professional stylist can help to make sure you are able to do this.


Stripes and ruffles were so big in spring and they are still going strong this fall, so I had to get something for Barbara that showed this style. Petersyn is one of my favorite designers for this. I love how easily this top pairs with See By Chloe jeans. The jeans have a fabulous fringe trim, which is on trend this fall. I know Barbara likes to have a little interest in her jeans, so this fit the bill.  And of course, you can never go wrong with a crossbody bag like this See By Chloe. It goes with absolutely everything and is so practical because you can be hands-free if you need.


The last look I found was a little outside of the box for Barbara. I picked out a pair of culottes, which I know is not a style that Barbara necessarily loves.  I know it’s not something she would like to wear on a regular basis, but I wanted to show it to her, especially because the Sea New York pants were mauve and it’s a color that is still neutral. So, just like the animal print jacket, Barbara would be able to wear so many different colors with the mauve culottes. I paired them with a See By Chloe ivory crochet sweater with a beautiful ruffle detail. The sweater is so feminine! And again, because I love for clients to be able to wear things in different ways, this sweater gives Barbara that flexibility.  It goes from paired with jeans for a casual look to tucked into a ball gown skirt for a formal event.


Those are some of my fabulous finds for Barbara. These are all great transitional pieces for fall that can also take you into winter, especially in the South. This has been such a fun project for me and accentuates one of the reasons I love my work as a stylist! I got to help a lovely friend with an impeccable sense of style herself, and was able to help stretch her a little bit to expand her wardrobe with some incredible and versatile pieces that will be a part of her closet for years to come, further strengthening her self-confidence and sense of personal beauty.