Fun Pieces To Pack For Your Next Trip!

We can't wait for warm weather and at least we're starting to get a little glimpse of it.  Whether you're headed somewhere soon or dreaming about your next vacation, we've got a list of things you can pack.  

We are loving these Bogg Bags. You can wash them so it's easy to get the sand out or the juice and food that might have spilled in it. Lots of fun color choices. There's also an insulated cooler insert that can transform your bag into a cooler. Love the versatility of this!

Havaianas- we've always loved them and we really like this rose gold pair . What's great about these flip flops is they are cute, but durable and can easily be rinsed off. So many of the pretty flip flops out there don't hold up or after a few wears the foot imprint in them looks yucky. These are a great purchase for the money and they will last for years. Bonus, they come in so many colors. 

You've heard us say this before, but a cover-up is a necessity! You want to have something you love, to put over your bathing suit, especially if you don't plan on taking your cover-up off very often. We love dresses and rompers for this! If you're looking for a traditional cover-up, you will be looking for a long time. Shift your shopping to dresses, rompers or even a kaftan. You'll have many more options to chose from! We like this kaftan from Cooper and Ella.

Another kind of cover up we like is a sarong. When we are wearing a bathing suit, we always want to cover up our bum :). Love this scarf from Lem Lem and the mission behind the company. They have other fun prints/colors available too. 

A beach towel is another must have. Why not make sure it's bright and colorful? This one from Las Bayedes is a fun one to add to your collection. And just like the sarongs above, there are lots of fun colors and patterns to chose from. Easy to care for, which is what you want from a beach towel!

Speaking of washing things, no vacation planning is complete without some of The Laundress Delicate Wash. Pack it in your bag, so you can wash your bathing suit after several wears. This will keep your bathing suits and any of your other special clothes looking and smelling great. 

Here's a fun shoe by Ancient Greek Sandals that is great for the pool or the beach, but it's also stylish enough to wear other places. There are a lot of color choices. Bonus, the line has many  styles to chose from in other textures such as nubuck, velvet and linen. 

One last item to consider is a new dress. We like a dress that can be worn with flip flops or the sandals above, but you can also pair a dressier sandal or wedge with it if necessary. One that is easy to care for (we can wash it in the washing machine) is also key! This dress is a steal! If you like it you better grab it before it's gone.

Time to start packing your bags!