Fall 2019 Trends

It’s time again for us to share some of our favorite trends for the season. There are a couple of trends that definitley feel fresh and new, while others are just extensions of looks that designers have been showing in recent seasons. Either way, you know what we say, just because it’s in style doesn’t mean you have to embrace the look. Stay true to your style! Links to the items are through the captions below the images.

Animal Print

We've written about this one numerous times and this seaon it seems to be bigger than ever. Our fear is that we may tire of it because it’s out there so much. However, as you know, many animal prints are basically a neutral that and add pop to an otherwise simple outfit. So, our advice is to not go overboard or too deep in the look. But, if you make the right purchases, you’ll have your pieces for years. Case in point, the leopard print flats Erin bought over 15 years ago as a splurge that she’s still wearing today.


Ankle boots and booties have been around for awhile. This season we’re still seeing these styles, but we are also seeing mid calf boots. What we like about this look, is that they are easy to wear with a dress, skirt, jeans and even a pant. They have a softer look than a knee high or over the knee boot and are definitley more versatile than those styles too. This is a great place to introduce a snake skin or animal print, but if that’s too bold, a neutral color in a suede is a fun option too. If you’re not sure about the mid calf length, stick with the ankle boot, but definitley do it in a fun pattern.



It seems like the color brown disppeared for a long time and was rarely seen. If it was, it did not look very stylish. Brown is definitely back! We’re seeing a lot of brown monochromatic looks with different hues of brown and various textures. This color will probably take awhile for people to really get into, but we see it staying around for awhile.

Wider Leg Jeans

This look has been creeping in the last couple of seasons, but this fall the trend is very evident. There are lots of styles- everything from straight to a wide flare. We think one pair of jeans that has a wider leg than most of your other jeans is a great purchase for the fall. A straight style is the easiset to pull off because you can still wear flats, tennis shoes, boots or heels with it. If you go with a true flare, you are usually committing to wearing a heel with it. Depending on the person, this may or may not be practical.


It sounds funny to say something as simple as pants, but how may of us have purged so many of those “dress pants” we used to wear? For a long time, there really were not many pant options unless you wanted to look like you were in a corporate setting. Finally, there are good pant options out there that look poliished, but don’t have to read so professional.


We love any type of top with collar detail. Turtlenecks are a hot item this season. We’re loving styles that have a little puff or gathered detail on the shoulders. If you don’t love a turtlenck, or feel too claustrophobic in one, there are plenty of tops out there with mockneck or cowl details that may seem a little easier to wear.

Princess sleeves

Sleeve detail has been a big thing with designers for awhile. Each season there is a new little twist on it. This season, it’s the puff sleeve. You’ll see this on everything from a simple tee to a floral printed blouse. We think a tee or sweatshirt is an easy and inexpensive way to try this out.

Let us know what’s on your shopping list for fall! We’d love to help you find some fun pieces!