Initial Consultation

A free 30 minute telephone consultation to determine your style needs.  Prior to this consultation, the client will complete a questionnaire which will allow the stylist to develop a baseline concept of your personal style and needs.

Closet Services

Closet Sweep - The stylist will work with you to help you decide which pieces you no longer need, advise you on which clothes could be altered to allow for greater use, and identify gaps in your wardrobe.

Closet Shopping - The stylist will work with your existing clothes to create new and fashionable outfits for you. You likely already have many pieces that can be worn and paired in ways you have never considered.  The stylist will also identify key pieces that are missing in your wardrobe and special pieces you can add.

Shopping Services

Personal Shopping - The stylist will shop either with you or for you.  If you shop together, the stylist will select clothes ahead of time and have them waiting in the dressing room (3 hours maximum).  Maybe you hate shopping or maybe you love to shop but you don’t have time.  You can provide a list of what you are looking for and we will find it for you!  Twin City Style will purchase the clothing, bring the clothing to you and handle any returns.  Our experience indicates that if a client hasn’t found anything in 3 hours, then it is better to take a break and return later with a renewed and refreshed perspective. 

Special Event Shopping - This service is identical to Personal Shopping but with a particular special event in mind for the client. 

Cyber Shopping - The stylist can shop online for you and forward you links of possible clothes which can be ordered by the stylist on behalf of the client.  Twin City Style will also handle all returns.

Our Favorite Things (Private Trunk Show)

We scour the market for new and unique clothing and accessories many of which aren’t readily available on the market.  Each season we hand pick some of our favorite looks  and bring them for you to view at a private session. This can be a great service to add to your Closet Sweep or Closet Shopping. It can also be a lot of fun to add to our Girls’ Night In, so you can share the experience with some of your friends.


After the stylist has completed other services, the stylist can photograph your new outfits (including the newly discovered outfits from your existing wardrobe) and provide you with a LookBook which illustrates your top outfits.  The LookBook can be viewed on a computer but is particularly convenient to keep on a smartphone or tablet for easy access.  The LookBook will save you time selecting your outfits in the morning, help you break away from the same 2 or 3 outfits you find yourself wearing day after day, and strengthen your confidence in the outfits you are wearing.

Teen / Tween Services

The Initial Consultation, Closet Services, Shopping Services and Lookbook are also available for teen and tween girls.  The stylist will work with both mom and daughter to maximize the value and personality of the daughter's wardrobe, recognizing that sometimes a young lady needs to hear fashion advice from someone other than her mom before she can recognize the wisdom her mom was already offering.

Girls' Night In

Invite your friends over for a fun night of fashion.  You provide the drinks and snacks, and your stylist will lead a discussion on current trends, color direction, and an overview of body types and the best styles for each one.  Each guest will have a chance to present an old outfit they want to update and the stylist will offer advice on keeping a wardrobe fresh without spending a ton of money. The stylist will send abbreviated client surveys before the event so she can offer individual advice to guests during the party.  The party can be further tailored to meet your guests’ needs.   The Girls' Night In can be a great idea for a shower, bride-to-be party, a moms' group, or any group of friends. (Minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 guests.)

Gift Certificates

A Twin City Style Gift Certificate can be a great gift for the woman in your life who is difficult to shop for.  Certificates can be for any amount and can be applied toward any Twin City Style service.


Pricing for all services available upon request.