Erin is my go-to person for style questions.  She has a great sense of on-trend yet practical style.  I text her pictures of items I'm not sure I should buy or articles of clothing I already have but don't know what to pair them with and she provides guidance and suggestions.  She has helped me with dresses for formal occasions as well as casual outfits and accessories.  Erin is great about offering new ideas for my wardrobe and honest fashion advice.  She is my practical fashionista! 

          - Meredith


Donna is great! She was able to help me identify why I wasn't wearing certain clothes and she helped me put pieces together in new ways so that I now wear them and feel confident wearing them. Donna has a great eye for fashion and suggested stylish ways to wear the clothes I already had. She was also able to identify gaps in my wardrobe and suggest pieces to buy to fill in those gaps. I already have her scheduled to come back again because I want her to help me create outfits for an upcoming trip! Working with Donna was well worth the money because I end up saving money on new clothes because I am able to get more fashionable use out of the wardrobe I already had!

          - Susanne


I have over 20 new outfits, and I didn't buy any clothes! Erin worked with me for a couple of hours on some "closet shopping." We looked at about 40 items from my wardrobe, and from that, she put together 23 new outfits for me that I never would have come up with on my own. Talk about getting the most out of your wardrobe! I never thought I could feel so confident and put together wearing what was already in my closet. She even suggested a few basic pieces I could add to extend my current wardrobe even further. My favorite part of the experience was getting my own personal look book. At first, I wasn't sure if I really needed this, but I was wrong. A few days after my appointment, I was having trouble remembering all of the great new looks Erin created for me, but the look book was there to fill in the gaps. It's so convenient to have every complete look together in one place. Getting ready is so much easier now. I just scroll through my look book on my phone, look at all of the pictures of my outfits, and choose what to wear. Thank you Twin City Style for helping this frumpy mom get back her confidence and style!

          - Kerri


Donna has been so helpful in teaching me to find new outfits from clothes I already own and she does it in a way that is not at all intimidating. She keeps up to date on current styles, but also has an appreciation for timeless looks that can be accessorized with trendy pieces. Donna has given me great guidance on single pieces I can add that greatly increase the number of outfits I can put together. I really love working with her!

          - Katy


When my wife mentioned that she was going to work with Erin at Twin City Style in order to "save money in the long run," I was a little bit skeptical. However, after several visits and a LookBook, I'm a believer!  My wife is enjoying seeing her clothes in a new light and has been able to use what she already had in new ways.  She has definitely saved money by having Erin find new outfits from her existing wardrobe, but even  more importantly, she has thoroughly enjoyed the process with Erin and has gained new insights and ideas into fashion and her own personal style.

          - Bill


When it comes to finding clothes that flatter, I can trust Erin to speak truthfully.  She doesn't tell me something looks good when it doesn't. She takes care in helping me find clothes that express my personal style and are also flattering to me.  Her honesty is so helpful when I'm about to splurge on a piece of clothing. I want to know I'm not making a mistake, and with Erin's great eye for design and careful consideration, I don't have to worry.

          - Emily

My experience with Twin City Style was fantastic! While I like to dress well, I’ve always dreaded shopping because I’m never sure what to buy and I find it a major time sink. After an initial consultation with Noah and Erin, they sent me a personalized “style guide.” It laid out exactly what I needed to buy, including photos and links to websites to purchase the items. Not only did the suggestions turn out to be spot on, but also they reduced the amount of time to find the items from hours (if not days) to minutes. Thanks Twin City Style!

          - Jason

Donna nailed it. I did some mall shopping last week, literally had my Pinterest board up on my phone while hitting the stores. the online stuff is just coming in. This was the easiest week of dressing and confidence in what I am a long time. I refuse to be a stuffy realtor. It's just not who I am. She translated "me" into polished and successful. So happy!

          - Stephanie