Work Bag Suggestions for Chris Herschend

This is my top choice. The bag on the left comes in 13” or 15” size and various colors. Then, you can select what they call a shell (pictured in the middle). It comes in so many colors and its a way to make the bag look different (so they would be getting 2 bags in one). I would also suggest adding the accessory on the right. It can be used to hold a phone and kept inside the bag, but can also be pulled out and used as a clutch on its on for evening. Price range for all ofthis together is $660-$775

Both Kate Spade bags. They each come in black and a neutral color. These would only fit a 13” laptop. One on the left can’t be worn on the shoulder, which I see as a drawback. Prices $378 left. $298 right. 

An option from Henri Bendel. The bag on the left can be worn as a back pack, satchel, or crossbody.   It comes in numerous colors. 

The link takes you to a different color. I used that one so you can see the various ways it can be worn.  $298


Two options from Dagne Dover. The one on the left is a traditional laptop bag. The one on the right can be carried or has a strap to go over your shoulder. However, I don’t know if it’s big enough for all they would need to carry.  Prices $265 left. $245 right.